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2:30 - 6:30pm



guacamole dip.... $3.25

Cheese dip.... $3.25

Bean dip...$3.99

nachos with cheese .....$4.50                              

nachos with beans ....$4.75                                  

nachos with chicken..... $5.75                               

nachos with beef..... $5.75                                   

nachos with beef and beans....$6.50  

nacho fijitas(beef or chicken).... $7.99 mix $8.99  

nachos with shirmp...... $10.99  

Cheese quesadilla...$2.99

Beef &cheese quesadilla..$3.50

Chicken&cheese quesadilla..$3.50                     

Guacamole Salad...$1.99

Queso fundido...... $5.99                                     

cheese sticks..$4.50

jalapeno poppers...... $3.99                                  

Chicken wings..$5.50

Mexican pizza...$8.99



Burrito Carne Asada..$4.99


beef... $3.25

bean.. $3.25

cheese ..$3.50

chicken... $3.50

Beef&beans.. $3.50


beef..$ 1.99

bean..$ 1.99







chile relleno..$3.50


tamale.. $1.99





beef.. $2.50



beef or chicken..$3.99

super burrito beef or chicken..$4.99

chimichanga beef or chicken..$3.75

quesadilla fajita beef or chicken..$4.75

shrimp burrito..$5.99

shrimp enchiladas.. $2.50

shrimp quesadilla..$5.99






french fries..$1.75

shredded cheese..$.99

pico de gallo..$.99

diced onion..$.99

sour cream..$.75



hot sauce..$.99



ensalada grande....$7.99

grilled chicken or steak,bell peppers,onions,tomatoes

lettuce & grated cheese


seafood salad...8.25

mixed seafood & lettuce,bell peppers,onions, tomatoes & grated cheese



#1 burrito&taco

#2 enchilada with rice&beans

#3 taco with rice&beans

#4 cheese quesadilla with french fries

#5 chicken tenders with french fries

#6 cheeseburger with french fries

#7 hot dog with french fries


bowl of homemade soup of chicken..$5.99

bowl of homemade menudo...$8.50



#22 casa las palmas specialty for two..14.99

one beef tostada with guacamole salad,one chile relleno,one beef taco,one enchilada,one tamale,one chicken burrito with rice&beans.

#23 Wet burrito...$8.50

fill your burrito with beef,chicken or beans, topped with enchilada sauce& cheese dip. served with rice.

#24 enchiladas jalisco...$8.99

three cheese enchiladas topped with enchilada sauce,cheese&shredded carnitas,served with rice&beans.

#25 burrito tipicos...$8.99

two burrtios, one chicken& one beef tips, topped with cheese dip, served with beans& guacamole salad.

#26 two flour fried burritos

one beef& chicken, topped with ranchera sauce and cheese dip,served with a side of lettuce,rice,sour cream&tomatoes

#27 Guadalajara special

one tamale,two taquitos mexicanos,one beef,one chicken,nachos with beans,chicken rice,shredded cheese, lettuce,sour cream,guacamole salad &tomatoes.

#28 taquitos mexicanos..$8.99

four fried taquitos,two beef,two chicken.served with rice, guacamole salad,&sour cream.

#29 quesadilla supreme..$8.49

a flour tortilla grilled and stuffed with beef tips,cooked with onion&bell peppers,served with rice lettuce,tomatoes &sour cream.

#30 enchilada supreme..$8.49

supreme combination consists of one chicken,one bean,one cheese&one beef topped with cheese,lettuce,tomatoes& sour cream.

#31 burrito california

one pork burrito served with choice of chile colorado or chile verde with cilantro&onions on the side, a side order of rice,beans &guacamole salad.

#32 steak or chicken fajita taco salad..$8.49

a crispy fried flour shell stuffed with cooked onions,tomatoes& bell peppers,topped with lettuce,cheese, sour cream & guacamole.

#33 nacho supreme..$8.49

corn tortilla chips covered with a blend of melted cheese,beef,chicken, & beans, topped with shredded lettuce,tomatoes,bell peppers,onions &sour cream.

#34 chimichanga..$8.50

two chimichangas,one beef,one chicken, topped with lettuce,tomatoes,sour cream,cheese &guacamole. served with a side of beans

#35 burrito deluxe..$8.50

order of two burritos, one chicken& beans,one beef &beans, both topped with lettuce,tomatoes &sour cream.

#36 carnitas..$10.99

tender pork tips served with rice, beans, guacamole salad, pico de gallo & tortillas.

#37 la mejor..$10.99

one chile relleno with cheese, one chicken chimichanga,one pork tamale &one chicken burrito.

#38 el paso special..$8.50

two quesadillas,one chicken &one beef with cheeseserved with guacamole salad, sour cream & pico de gallo.

#39 chile colorado or verde...$10.99

chunks of pork with red or green sauce, beans, rice, lettuce,tomatoes,guacamole salad, pico de gallo&tortillas.

#40 el tapatio..$9.99

chicken breast grilled with mexican sausage &topped with melted cheese, served with rice,guacamole salad, sour cream, pico de gallo &tortillas.


come with stir fry bell peppers, onions & tomatoes served with rice,beans, guacamole salad, sour cream& tortillas.


#41 quesadilla fijita..$9.99 or shrimp..$11.99

one quesadilla with steak&cheese inside topped with cheese sauce

#42 gringo fajita..$ 13.99

a mix of chicken,steak & italian sausage, with mozzarella cheese on top.

#43 casa las palmas fajita..$14.99 for two..$24.99

beef,chicken, shrimp & mexican sausage.

#44 texan fajita..$13.99 for two $23.99

tender sliced beef,chicken & shrimp.

#45 steak or chicken fajita..$ 10.99..for two $18.99

tender sliced chicken or beef.

#46 steak and chicken fajitas..$12.50..for two $19.99

tender sliced beef&chicken.

#47 shrimp fajitas..$13.99

fresh shrimp served mexican style in a slightly mild sauce.



#49 steal a la mexicana..$11.99

12oz t-bone steak cooked with onion,bell peppers &tomatoes, served with rice,beans& tortillas.

#50 nacho locos...$10.99

tortilla chips with grilled steak&chicken,cheese,lettuce, onions,tomatoes,bell peppers,sour cream &guacamole.

#51 beef steak ranchero..$10.99

veal strip cooked with hot sauce on top &grilled to order, served with rice,beans & tortillas.

#52 el burrito grande..$8.99

a big burrtio stuffed with rice,beans& your choice of steak or chicken.with melted cheese on top, served with guacamole salad &sour cream.

#53 Carne asada..$11.99

tender grilled steak served with beans, guacamole,rice, tomatoes&tortillas.

#54 taco de carne asada..$9.50

three tacos soft corn tortillas stuffed with grilled rib-eye steak served with beans,onions,tomatoes &cilantro.

#55 taco al pastor..$9.50

three tacos soft corn tortillas stuffed with steak,cooked with pastor sauce,served with beans, onions, tomatoes &cilantro.

#56 Carne ala mexicana..$10.99

cubed steak with diced onion& green peppers, with ranchera sauce, served with rice,beans &tortillas.

#57 milanesa.$11.99

fillet of rib eye breaded& fried, served with rice, lettuce with sliced avocado &onion, pico de gallo& tortillas.

#58 cheese steak ranchera quesadilla..$9.99

strips of steak, diced onions, diced poblano peppers, pico de gallo, lettuce, smoothered with cheese dip & served with rice&beans.


#59 enchiladas rancheras..$7.99

four chicken enchiladas with mole poblano,cheese &onions on top.

#60 pollo loco..$9.99

grilled chicken breast with sauteed onions & cheese sauce on top, served with rice,beans & tortillas.

#61 enchilada verdes..$8.99

three chicken enchiladas with rice,lettuce,sour cream & green sauce.

#62  cancun..$8.99

chicken burrito with rice,beans &guacamole salad.

#63 chicken ala mexicana..$9.99

whole chicken breast grilled with peppers,onions, &tomatoes,served with rice,lettuce,sour cream& flour tortillas.

#64 jalisco especial..$8.99

one chicken burrito &one chicken enchilada topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese &rice.

#65 enchilada tapatias..$8.99

three enchiladas with chicken topped with enchilada sauce &shredded cheese, served with rice and beans.

#66 pollo ala crema..$9.99

grilled sliced chicken breast with poblano peppers,mushrooms in a special cream sauce, served with rice,salad,pico de gallo & flour tortillas.

#67 pollo ranchero..$9.99

grilled chicken with mushrooms,onions &ranchera sauce, served with rice,beans &flour tortillas.

#68 mole poblano..$9.99

shredded chicken topped with mole sauce served with rice,beans,guacamole salad & two flour tortillas.

#69 gizo mexicano..$10.99

sliced rib-eye steak cooked with mexican sauce, served with rice,bean &tortillas.


#70 seafood burrito..$9.99

deep fried seafood burrito filled with tilapia fish,shrimp, &mozzarella cheese, served with rice& salad.

#71 grilled tilapia fish..$10.99

grilled fillet &vegetables consisting of mushrooms, green peppers,onions & zucchini, served with a side order of rice& tartar sauce.

#72 camarones ala costa..$13.99

ten shrimp qith a slice of onion,poblano peppers, scallops, crab legs with melted mozzarella cheese on top, served with rice, beans, salad,pico de gallo,sour cream & tarar sauce.

#73 el molajete..$15.99

grilled shrimp &diced rib- eye cooked with mushrooms, bell peppers&onions, smothered in ranchera sauce & mozzarella cheese bubbling over, served with tortillas, rice,beans &guacamole salad.

#74 large shrimp cocktail..$11.99

classic mexican shrimp cocktail served with avocado, pico de gallo, lime &cilantro.

#75 camarones ala mexicana..$12.99

shrimp with onions,tomatoes &ranchera sauce served with rice,guacamole salad &pico de gallo.

#76 camarones ala diabla..$12.99

shrimp with salsa diabla (hot sauce), served with rice, french fries &guacamole salad.

#77 seafood molcajete..$17.99

grilled shrimp &crab meat with mushrooms, bell peppers & onions. smothered in ranchera sauce & mozzarella cheese bubbling over, served with tortillas, rice,beaans &guacamole salad.

#78 pescado ala veracrusana..$12.99

two grilled tilapia fish cooked with onions, tomatoes, jalapenos &cilantro over sauce with rice &salad,sour cream&tomatoes.


Pina fajita..steak or chicken $12.99

a fresh pineapple stuffed with grilled onion,tomatoes & bell peppers with mozzarella cheese on top.

(steak &chicken $13.99

shrimp $15.99)



choose two items & all plates come with rice&beans.$8.99

cheese quesadilla

chicken enchilada

chicken tostada

bean enchilada

chicken taco

beef tostada

bean burrito

beef burrito

beef taco

pork tamale

chicken burrito

beef chimichanga

chicken chimichanga

beef&bean tostaguac

cheese enchilada,cheese burrito,bean chalupa

beef soft taco

chile relleno



MEALS $8.99

A- cheese burrito,cheese enchilada,rice&beans

B- cheese &vegetable quesadilla,one bean chalupa &rice

C- one bean tostada, one cheese enchilada, rice&beans.

D-one cheese authentic poblano, one bean burrito, rice&beans.

E-vegetarian fajitas served with rice,beans & tortillas.

F- two chile rellanos with cheese, rice, beans &tortillas.

G- wet burrito filled with vegetables, covered with enchilada sauce &cheese sauce,with a side of rice.


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